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Happy Lohri 2016

January 13, 2016

happylohri ctsLohri is the bonfire festival and it is mainly celebrated in the northern regions of India including Punjab, Haryana, Delhi etc. It is a popular belief that festival of Lohri signifies the end of winters and the onset of spring throughout the North India.Lohri festival is celebrated each year at Crest techno soft and everyone celebrate this festival with full energy.

This time again we celebrate Lohri outside the office and everyone is feeling happy and excited. Lohri provides an opportunity for all the team members and management to take a break from their daily routine and come together to share each other’s company.Bonfire was setup by office employees, everyone wish for a Happy and prosperous Year from God Agni. Everyone enjoyed with Peanuts, Popcorns and other munchies, this stuff was also offered to the Bonfire as it is a kind of ritual in India. Again a wonderful day comes to an end and there was a Big smile on everyone’s face

Christmas Eve

December 29, 2015

Christmas is the most popular and awaited festival of the year filled with cheer and wonder.
Management team of Crest techno soft organized a party for all the employees on the occasion of Christmas festival. Office was decorated with a Christmas tree,  red and white balloons along with wall hangings which creates a wonderful atmosphere in the office.

Shrikar from Verosion Solutions played the role of Santa and he choose Rahul Sir, Suraj to be the members of his group. Everyone welcome the Santa and his team members with full excitement. Santa decided Red color as the dress code for Christmas party and fun games were also planned by Santa along with the Management team.



First game was to balance the balloon between the two partners and 8 teams were divided by the Santa for this game. Sushil and Natish won this balancing game as they hold the balloon for 8-10 mins in the air. After this a small quiz was there related to GK questions and Santa distribute chocolates to the employees who gave correct answers for the questions. Second game was to eat the maximum number of Paani Puri, for which two teams (Team A-Team B) were divided and each team had 8 members in the team. Team B won this Paani Puri game, and after finishing this game, Cake Cutting Ceremony was done.

Now it’s almost 5 pm and there was one more surprise game planned by Santa , Face painting was the last game in which one partner has to paint other person’s face according to the chits selected by him/her. Partner with the painted face has to act like the character mentioned in the chit. Management announced Appan as the Best dressed person for the evening and presented a book to her as a gift. Everyone enjoyed this day with smile on their faces. In the end, we requested Santa to come back next year again with new gifts and bring more happiness for our company.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year!!!!!




Sanawar Nature Camp office trip

September 24, 2015

We all need a break from our daily routine and boring Schedule, Crest techno soft Management organize a One Day Trip for all their employees. Our CEO Jagbir Sir decide that we will go to “Sanawar Nature Camp” this time. He told us that Sanawar Nature Camp is the destination where you can fulfil your dream to live in nature with matchless experience of adventure.
Everyone was very much excited and ready to experience the fresh air of pines and eco-friendly environment. We depart around 7am IST in the morning from our Office place and reached Sanawar Nature Camp at 10 am IST
First of all, we eat our Breakfast as we have to go for trekking after sometime. Weather was Beautiful and Sky was clear, it was the perfect time to start our journey to the jungle and hill tops of Sanawar.
We have a Guide along with us on the way so that everyone must follow rules and right path while trekking. After trekking, we go for the next activities like climbing, rappelling, Valley Crossing Burma Bridge etc. These kind of activities helps in building up confidence of an individual to cross the obstacles.
We also enjoyed lovely food in the lunch and everyone loved the snacks provided by “Sanawar Nature Camp” Staff as well.
Then it’s the time for “Badminton Bash” and we were grouped in 6 different teams, Rahul Gupta and Rahul Mann won all the 3 matches and they were the winners of “Badminton Bash.
Everyone was feeling tired and Lazy in the evening even though all the Employees and Management team dance on the beats of Punjabi, Hindi and Pahari Songs.
After a very good time at Sanawar Nature Camp finally it’s the time to leave this Beautiful place. So we all say Good Bye to Sanawar and take our seats in the Bus.
These type of trips helps the employees to know each other better and also motivates team Building.
I hope management plan a new Trip soon for the employees of “Crest techno soft”!!!!!


3rd Birthday of Cresttechnosoft

September 23, 2015

Crest techno soft celebrates its 3rd Birthday on 17th September 2015 at our Office located in Phase 8B Mohali, entire staff of Crest Techno Soft from all the departments were present in the event.3rd Birthday
Brilliant Acting and Dance performances were presented by the staff showcasing their extra-curricular process.
Our CEO Mr. Jagbir Singh Kang managed the whole Event along with Our HR Devinder Tiwana and Sarabjeet Sir, Event was hosted by our very own Vikas Thakur (Senior Web Developer).
There were 3 different teams (Team A, Team B, Team C) and each team was monitored by their Captains (Vikas, Shrikar and Rahul) respectively.
Management organized 3 Different activities for the auspicious day, Activities are as follows:-
Truth or Dare Game
Group Dance
Each team performed their level best in all the activities but Ravi, Manpreet and Natish were the stars of whole event. They participated actively in whole event with full excitement and energy, they were No.1 in dancing, skit and Mimicry.
After this, there was Cake Cutting Ceremony in the evening as we always do for each event/celebration and along with this our CEO Jagbir Singh Kang gave an inspirational Speech to all the employees of Cresttechnosoft so that everyone can work with more energy for the next Year and Years to come.
Finally, it was the time to choose the Face of the Day or we can say “Most Entertaining personality” of the Day.
Jagbir Sir announced Team B as winners of the whole event as they scored 47 Marks in all the 3 Evetns.
Judges mutually Selected Ravi (Graphic Designer) as “Shamsher” the most Entertaining personality of the Day and Raddhima Saini (Associate Web Designer) was selected as the Best Dressed Person of the Day.
Everyone was feeling hungry and little bit tired now after such a Long Day, Management Organized Snacks and Beverages for the Employees as a refreshment. We’re happy to say that the past 3 years have been extremely successful for our Company. We’re looking forward to our Fourth year in business!
Once Again a Very “Happy Birthday” to the “Cresttechnsoft” and All the very best for all the Members of Cresttechnosoft Family.


Holi is the festival of colours; a day that symbolizes the victory of good over evil, and a festival that is most enjoyed by the youth!

Holi also celebrates the arrival of spring with lots of colours, fun and new energy!

Colours, fun and excitement is exactly what CTS celebrated it’s Holi with this year, like every year! Needless to say, we played Holi with full excitement along with the  employees of CTS and employees from other companies in our building.

It is a culture at CTS to celebrate every occasion with fellow colleagues and friends like a big family! We all look forward to events and celebrations, and now these extraordinary times of getting-together and celebrating together have become an integral part of the culture at CTS.
We had the Holi Hungama at our offices, on Friday, March 6.

This year, the joy doubled as we combined the Holi celebrations with the Birthday of our Very Own Vinay Sir ( Web Designer).

In the end, Everyone from CTS realize that celebrations need not be fancy or big, even small gatherings or acts of togetherness can bring smile and fresh energy within the team.

And that is what the true reasons behind celebrating this festival of colors, to leave behind all worries and look forward to a new beginning.

Once again Wishing you all a happy and colorful Holi.

Cheers!!!!!  Bura Na Mano Holi Hai 😉


Amidst the freezing cold weather, with the temperature unsteady between 4-10 degrees and also the dense fog outside, everything appears stagnant within the northern a part of India.
However, below the apparently frozen surface, you’d be astounded to search out a palpable wave of activity happening.

Last Tuesday on 13th of January 2015, Cresttechnosoft celebrates Festival of Lohri in their premises.

In the evening, with the setting of the sun, we lit the bonfire in the premises and all the staff members including our CEO (Jagbir Sir) gather around the rising flames, circle around (parikrama) the bonfire and throw puffed rice, popcorn and other munchies into the fire.

It is an opportunity for everyone to take a break from busy schedule and get together to share each other’s company.

Finally, Wish you all a Happy Lohri and a Happy New Year!!!

:) :) Cheers :) :)