Christmas Eve

December 29, 2015

Christmas is the most popular and awaited festival of the year filled with cheer and wonder.
Management team of Crest techno soft organized a party for all the employees on the occasion of Christmas festival. Office was decorated with a Christmas tree,  red and white balloons along with wall hangings which creates a wonderful atmosphere in the office.

Shrikar from Verosion Solutions played the role of Santa and he choose Rahul Sir, Suraj to be the members of his group. Everyone welcome the Santa and his team members with full excitement. Santa decided Red color as the dress code for Christmas party and fun games were also planned by Santa along with the Management team.



First game was to balance the balloon between the two partners and 8 teams were divided by the Santa for this game. Sushil and Natish won this balancing game as they hold the balloon for 8-10 mins in the air. After this a small quiz was there related to GK questions and Santa distribute chocolates to the employees who gave correct answers for the questions. Second game was to eat the maximum number of Paani Puri, for which two teams (Team A-Team B) were divided and each team had 8 members in the team. Team B won this Paani Puri game, and after finishing this game, Cake Cutting Ceremony was done.

Now it’s almost 5 pm and there was one more surprise game planned by Santa , Face painting was the last game in which one partner has to paint other person’s face according to the chits selected by him/her. Partner with the painted face has to act like the character mentioned in the chit. Management announced Appan as the Best dressed person for the evening and presented a book to her as a gift. Everyone enjoyed this day with smile on their faces. In the end, we requested Santa to come back next year again with new gifts and bring more happiness for our company.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year!!!!!



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