Sanawar Nature Camp office trip

September 24, 2015

We all need a break from our daily routine and boring Schedule, Crest techno soft Management organize a One Day Trip for all their employees. Our CEO Jagbir Sir decide that we will go to “Sanawar Nature Camp” this time. He told us that Sanawar Nature Camp is the destination where you can fulfil your dream to live in nature with matchless experience of adventure.
Everyone was very much excited and ready to experience the fresh air of pines and eco-friendly environment. We depart around 7am IST in the morning from our Office place and reached Sanawar Nature Camp at 10 am IST
First of all, we eat our Breakfast as we have to go for trekking after sometime. Weather was Beautiful and Sky was clear, it was the perfect time to start our journey to the jungle and hill tops of Sanawar.
We have a Guide along with us on the way so that everyone must follow rules and right path while trekking. After trekking, we go for the next activities like climbing, rappelling, Valley Crossing Burma Bridge etc. These kind of activities helps in building up confidence of an individual to cross the obstacles.
We also enjoyed lovely food in the lunch and everyone loved the snacks provided by “Sanawar Nature Camp” Staff as well.
Then it’s the time for “Badminton Bash” and we were grouped in 6 different teams, Rahul Gupta and Rahul Mann won all the 3 matches and they were the winners of “Badminton Bash.
Everyone was feeling tired and Lazy in the evening even though all the Employees and Management team dance on the beats of Punjabi, Hindi and Pahari Songs.
After a very good time at Sanawar Nature Camp finally it’s the time to leave this Beautiful place. So we all say Good Bye to Sanawar and take our seats in the Bus.
These type of trips helps the employees to know each other better and also motivates team Building.
I hope management plan a new Trip soon for the employees of “Crest techno soft”!!!!!


3rd Birthday of Cresttechnosoft

September 23, 2015

Crest techno soft celebrates its 3rd Birthday on 17th September 2015 at our Office located in Phase 8B Mohali, entire staff of Crest Techno Soft from all the departments were present in the event.3rd Birthday
Brilliant Acting and Dance performances were presented by the staff showcasing their extra-curricular process.
Our CEO Mr. Jagbir Singh Kang managed the whole Event along with Our HR Devinder Tiwana and Sarabjeet Sir, Event was hosted by our very own Vikas Thakur (Senior Web Developer).
There were 3 different teams (Team A, Team B, Team C) and each team was monitored by their Captains (Vikas, Shrikar and Rahul) respectively.
Management organized 3 Different activities for the auspicious day, Activities are as follows:-
Truth or Dare Game
Group Dance
Each team performed their level best in all the activities but Ravi, Manpreet and Natish were the stars of whole event. They participated actively in whole event with full excitement and energy, they were No.1 in dancing, skit and Mimicry.
After this, there was Cake Cutting Ceremony in the evening as we always do for each event/celebration and along with this our CEO Jagbir Singh Kang gave an inspirational Speech to all the employees of Cresttechnosoft so that everyone can work with more energy for the next Year and Years to come.
Finally, it was the time to choose the Face of the Day or we can say “Most Entertaining personality” of the Day.
Jagbir Sir announced Team B as winners of the whole event as they scored 47 Marks in all the 3 Evetns.
Judges mutually Selected Ravi (Graphic Designer) as “Shamsher” the most Entertaining personality of the Day and Raddhima Saini (Associate Web Designer) was selected as the Best Dressed Person of the Day.
Everyone was feeling hungry and little bit tired now after such a Long Day, Management Organized Snacks and Beverages for the Employees as a refreshment. We’re happy to say that the past 3 years have been extremely successful for our Company. We’re looking forward to our Fourth year in business!
Once Again a Very “Happy Birthday” to the “Cresttechnsoft” and All the very best for all the Members of Cresttechnosoft Family.

Many Asia- Pacific countries have become dear destination of leading outsourcing companies worldwide. Major business players are investing in qualified and talented resources available in countries like India and Phillipines. These countries have an abundance of well trained and diligent work force which is ready to work relentlessly. Even on the field of IT, these countries have flourished in the last decade.

The major cities which have evolved as the major IT hub are: Delhi- NCR region, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh- Mohali, Gujarat. These cities have plenty of companies working on IT projects for clients across the globe. Even the leading Fortune 500 companies are turning to Offshore web development companies in India for their major projects.

What are the reasons for the trend of hiring offshore web development companies in India?

  • Reduced labor rates
  • Qualified work force
  • Adequate government assistance
  • Growing infrastructures
  • Flexible working hours
  • Young and energetic workforce

These reasons are very clear and sure, which tells the success story of India as the trusted offshore business destination.

How to find the best offshore web design and web development company in India?

  • Make a plan of your offshore business model
  • Look for references from your friends and family or your business associates
  • Also make a search for top names in Offshore web development in India
  • Once you have the list, go through their websites and reviews available about them on the internet.
  • After getting to know much about companies, ask for the quote stating your requirements from the ones you feel an work for you.
  • Once you have the quote as for their previous client references and portfolio, their business and pricing model and compare them from other companies.
  • The one that suits you best, arrange a video conference and start the work,

Another way is to post your project requirements on the online portals like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk etc. These websites have IT agencies and freelancers registered from every corner of the world. There re many established Indian freelancers and agency profile available along with their experience, current work rate, client reviews and portfolio. Once you post the project with location fixed as India, you will receive plenty of proposals from developers on the portal. You can read their proposals and arrange an interview with selected names and proceed with a suitable name.

If you have any query to be discussed, you can contact us too. We are an offshore web development company in Chandigarh with adequate experience and expertise in leading web technologies.


We all have heard a lot about landing pages and their impact on the performance of the websites. The landing pages in a short time have grabbed the attention of the marketers across the globe from every business.

The most common use of landing pages can be seen on eCommerce websites, where a landing page asking to sign up, comes as soon as you enter the website with some lucrative welcome offer. Without, any second thought, we have signed up for such websites and have become their potential leads.

This is just a common instance to share to give an overall idea of having a landing page. There are some other hidden facts and benefits of having an awesome landing page associated with your website or blog.

  1. What is a landing page?

It is a nice looking web page which allows you to capture a visitor’s information via a lead capturing form.

  1. Where landing pages are extremely useful?

There are many ways in which landing pages can play a significant role like:

  • Targeting audience coming from an email campaign promoting your new product or service.
  • Visitor clicks on pay-per-click advertisement, promoting your webinar or an event
  • Allowing visitors to quickly download the resources offered on your website like: ebooks, PDF’s, Whitepapers etc.
  • For getting the deals, coupons, trials and demos of the product
  • Or simply a quote for the services offered by you
  1. How it will work?

Suppose, you have a business of dry cleaning services for homes and offices and you also maintain a blog where you have high quality content describing your services and techniques used by you.

Some lady, searching for dry cleaning services for approaching festive soon and while searching on Google, she visits your blog post “Offering big dry cleaning services at small prices this festive season”. She read the post and got to know about on what services you are offering discounts along with a CTA of receiving a quick call back from you.

She will click that and will be directed to a landing page asking about her and name, email address and phone number for a quick call back in 15 minutes from your servicemen.

Once she enters those details, she becomes your potential lead and you can follow up with her for closing the deal.

This is only one scenario in which the visitor come through a Google search, however there are many other ways like email marketing, PPC, social media, digital marketing etc. from which you get traffic for leads.

  1. Still confused, why you need landing pages?

Here are some quick shots to realize the significance of having various and appropriate landing pages for your marketing efforts.

  • Quick way to capture leads
  • Kind of payback to you by your visitors by providing information in order to get a deal, offer or a free consultation
  • Get to know demographic details of your visitors
  • Know which marketing strategy working well for you
  • An inevitable add-on to your marketing channels


  1. What are the components of an engaging landing page?
  • A crispy headline describing what visitors will get after sign up
  • Clear but lucrative points to compel visitors to sign up
  • Keyword for landing page optimization for search engines
  • Hide navigation bar
  • Lead capture form
  • Image describing the deal, offer or service visitor will receive

The foremost point here is to use this opportunity wisely. Before overloading your website with various landing pages, it is best to look for the spots where visitor looks for more that what is given. It varies with different businesses and marketing channels. So, make a decision accordingly.

Choose between short and long lead capturing form as per the offer or deal, you are providing via a landing page. As per the statistics, users feel reluctant to fill long forms so keep them to the point and short but still good enough to capture basic information.

To conclude, do not compromise on an average looking landing page, get some out of the box web designs from expert designers to have an awesome looking landing page. It is because a visually good looking page grabs the instant attention of the visitor and a small chance of bouncing back.


CakePHP 2.5.0 has been announced by CakePHP core team recently. This new version contains a few changes since the RC2 release.

Some of the them are listed below:

  1. You get a merged fix of FormHelper::postLink() from previous version 2.4.9

For more information click:

  1. Improved documentation for numerous API
  2. SQLServer::describe() will not fail when used with fixtures. For more information click:
  3. Authentication adapters can be aliased, which means the same adapter can be used multiple times with different password hashing strategies.
  4. The redis cache engine will now support unix_socket. For more information click:
  5. Paginator component will no more find(‘count’) for the first page when there are fewer records than the current page limit. For more information click:


Now, we will start the new features offered by new CakePHP 2.5.0 version for web developers:

  1. Cache::remember()- The method will let you implement the read-through cache operations. This will be a good practice for working on code redundancy. For the passed cache key, it will first find for any cached data that is still valid. In case nothing is found, a callback method will be executed and the value returned by it will be stored under the cache key.
  2. Improved Memcached support- A new cache engine is added to the new version of CakePHP 2.5.0 which provided full support for utilizing the popular key value database. In order to introduce this new adapter, the makers have deprecated the old MemCache engine and plan for its removal in 3.0.
  3. CompletionShell- This is a great feature for shell environments that support command completion such as Bash and Zsh. It now has a cake shell that will help you get command and options completion for your cake shells just by hitting the tab key. For developers who always wonder over what shells are available, or what options they can take, this Completion shell is for them.
  4. Security::encrypt() and AES encrypted cookies- If you are looking for a way out of storing data in cookies that cannot be changed by the user then AEC encrypted cookies can be used. It has the encryption power offered by the new AES-256 encryption offered by the security class to prevent various attacks such as cookie tampering.
  5. Consistent priorities in global and local events- There was a limitation in previous CakePHP version. The limitation was that the listeners attached to the Global event manager would always be called before any other local listeners, despite the priorities. CakePHP 2.5 unifies the priority queue between all global and local event listeners. So, with a single unified set of priorities, you can implement more complex and complete aspect oriented programs.

Before migrating to the new version, it is always advisable to go through the migration guide.


We understand the significance of having a mesmerizing blend of colors and graphics to bring out a beautiful design. We are dedicated web and graphic designers to fulfill your all requirements.

No matter you are looking for an eye catching logo design, impressive business card or visiting card authentic website design, attractive blog design, we have designs for your every need. We are a start up web design services providing company in Chandigarh.

Our aim is to build faith with our clients by delivering high quality work in best affordable price.

You can contact us if you are planning to launch a new brand or reinventing your existing brand. We can help you in building the identity for your business from the scratch. For us, your requirements and concepts are very important and we try to adhere to your requirements as soon as possible.

You only need to drop us an email or simply call us to have a quick quote from us.

You can find us helpful for:

  • Logo designs
  • Business cards/ visiting cards designs
  • Brochure/ Flyers/ Banner designs
  • Newsletter/ postcard designs
  • Office Stationary designs
  • Personalized greeting card designs
  • T-shirt designs
  • Calendar designs
  • Collateral design
  • Facebook Cover Photo designs
  • Blog designs
  • Photo Cropping and many more


web designs trends

1. Responsive web design: This trend will enormously effects your website. Responsive web designs can adjust according to the different screen size of different devices. The increasing number of internet users uses a range of devices for internet browsing. So it is very important to have a website that look great on any device.

2. Flat design: Flat designs are prevailing, clean, open space, crispy edges, bright colors and two dimensional. Now designers have seems to move toward flat design because they allows them to focus on the most important part such as content, message etc. Flat design provides great user experience.

3. Websites showcase better images: Designers have been ambitious for better images for a long time. Still they’ve always had problem on the client side. 2014 will provides higher quality, more productive, unique and more creative images because of many reasons: affordable pricing, faster loading speed, throughout access to high quality images.
4. Info graphics: Info graphics are compelling, engaging and more eye-catching. They are the best way of represent a lot of information in a small space. Make the info graphics more functional is the enormous way to utilize them.

5. Parallax: Parallax scrolling is a category of wed designs where different elements of a website moving at varying speed to create the illusion of 3D depth. The parallax effect provides the great combination of effects on movements, depth and 3D illusions.


The responsive web designs is about building a website according to the grid-based system, images that resize and media queries that helps to set the layout. In today’s era almost every professional web designer uses responsive web design frameworks to build responsive websites.

The followings are the most popular frameworks that used for responsive web designs:

1). Twitter Bootstrap 3 : Twitter Bootstrap 3 is the very famous and common framework. It is very satin, capable and flexible framework.


  • It is compatible with current versions of all major browsers
  • It is open source framework.

2). Foundation Framework : The foundation framework with version 5.0 by Zurb has come up with very flexible responsive features. Foundation is the responsive front-end framework that has many features similar to the Twitter Bootstrap.


  • Foundation 5 is faster for developers than its previous version.
  • Foundation was the first open-source framework to be responsive.
  • Foundation now offers effortless animations and transitions.

3). Gumby Framework : Gumby 2 is a flexible and responsive CSS front end framework, powered by SAAS processor. You should have to understand the basics of SAAS to work on Gumby framework.


  • Gumby 2 is completely rewritten in SAAS.
  • It also includes a UI kit to build the buttons, forms, tabs and navigation with the help of predefined classes to build out these UI elements.

4). Yahoo Pure CSS : The Yahoo Pure or Pure CSS is the extremely light and responsive CSS framework emerge by Yahoo. This framework is also based on the 12 grid layout system and it follows its own CSS rules.


  • Yahoo pure css framework provides very useful form alignments that look good on different screen sizes.
  • It provides different table styles.

Mother's Daynew

We all are celebrating Happy Mother’s day this week across the globe. It is the celebration of motherhood, maternal bonds and never ending spirit of the mother.
You all must be planning something special for your super mom. From beautiful flowers to kitchen appliances, taking her out for lunch or just making her the special morning breakfast.
We are offering more innovative ways to surprise her this Mother’s Day. Have you ever thought of gifting her with some custom design specially made for her printed on cards, mugs, pillow covers, T-shirt, bookmarks, certificates, gift tags or simply in a photo frame.
You provide us with your photographs or messages you want to get printed in an innovative way. Our designs will be designed at its best to reflect your love and care for your mother.
We are specialized providers of Graphic Designs, Printable designs and Web Designs. For any query, you can contact us
Be the first to contact us and get a COMPLIMENTARY GIFT from us.

Even expert web designers would agree with my statement that making a design for an email is no way similar to making a design for a web browser. The ultimate goal is to ensure that email delivers consistently irrespective of the email client selected.

Following are some useful tips to adhere to highly clickable email web designs:

“Email must be quick to view”

  1. Write basic HTML and keep code optimized
  2. Avid using MS Word, Layers, CSS or Pagemaker to create the HTMl. Instead, use HTML editor with plain HTML. If you want to use Adobe Dreamweaver, go with inline styles and avoid CSS.
  3. Keep your agenda of the email at the top 250n pixels since it is a prime real estate for the 3-5 seconds.
  4. Keep minimal scrolling
  5. Be safe with your email newsletter design by making it not more than 550-600 pixels maximum.
  6. Undoubtedly, the images reflect message clearly. For effective email to be delivered do not rely on images.

Email Marketing still holds a very strong place when it comes to branding of the business. It is an easy way to reach potential customers personally and give them a personalized offer suiting their tastes. So, for good response you need a good email design. And for good email design your designer need to follow the above mentioned tips.