Cricket Match

August 7, 2015

Our Events Organizing Committee @ Cresttechnosoft constantly working towards managing various events for employees to keep them relaxed, motivated and updated, giving sometime away for the normal job routine. This time they have decided to implement a really wonderful idea of having Inter-Department Cricket match for Employees to encourage the sportsmanship of every individual, to build the team playing & fighting skills. The players were divided in 2 different teams and the captain of the teams were Jagbir Singh Kang ( CEO of our company) and Rahul Gupta (BDM) On 4th of April, we have really enjoyed the matches among the two different teams. Everyone came with proper Cricket Outfit wearing the T-Shirts, Sports Shoes etc. We had proper cricket kit bag etc. We went to a sports ground, few kilometers away from our office building. We had played 2 matches,Team, captained by Rahul Gupta was the winner as they have defeated the Jagbir Sir’s team in 2 consecutive matches. Rahul Gupta really performed well not only with the bat, rather with the ball and contribute 100% in the field as well. I must not forget to write few names because players like Gurpreet, Jaspal, Natish, Sushil, Vinay etc. have really played a great game and tried all their best to make their team win. Every one congratulated the winners, Our CEO and Admin Mr. Davinder congratulated everyone for showing such a nice sportsmanship spirit on the field. Everyone out there really thanked the Organizing committee and our Admin who has taken such a great initiative. Everyone enjoyed delicious snacks & soft drinks at office premises after the match is finished. Management & Organizing committee promised to carry on similar activities in the future with different In-Door & Out-Door Sports & Adventure activities. Big Cheers to CTS family :)


Holi is the festival of colours; a day that symbolizes the victory of good over evil, and a festival that is most enjoyed by the youth!

Holi also celebrates the arrival of spring with lots of colours, fun and new energy!

Colours, fun and excitement is exactly what CTS celebrated it’s Holi with this year, like every year! Needless to say, we played Holi with full excitement along with the  employees of CTS and employees from other companies in our building.

It is a culture at CTS to celebrate every occasion with fellow colleagues and friends like a big family! We all look forward to events and celebrations, and now these extraordinary times of getting-together and celebrating together have become an integral part of the culture at CTS.
We had the Holi Hungama at our offices, on Friday, March 6.

This year, the joy doubled as we combined the Holi celebrations with the Birthday of our Very Own Vinay Sir ( Web Designer).

In the end, Everyone from CTS realize that celebrations need not be fancy or big, even small gatherings or acts of togetherness can bring smile and fresh energy within the team.

And that is what the true reasons behind celebrating this festival of colors, to leave behind all worries and look forward to a new beginning.

Once again Wishing you all a happy and colorful Holi.

Cheers!!!!!  Bura Na Mano Holi Hai 😉


Amidst the freezing cold weather, with the temperature unsteady between 4-10 degrees and also the dense fog outside, everything appears stagnant within the northern a part of India.
However, below the apparently frozen surface, you’d be astounded to search out a palpable wave of activity happening.

Last Tuesday on 13th of January 2015, Cresttechnosoft celebrates Festival of Lohri in their premises.

In the evening, with the setting of the sun, we lit the bonfire in the premises and all the staff members including our CEO (Jagbir Sir) gather around the rising flames, circle around (parikrama) the bonfire and throw puffed rice, popcorn and other munchies into the fire.

It is an opportunity for everyone to take a break from busy schedule and get together to share each other’s company.

Finally, Wish you all a Happy Lohri and a Happy New Year!!!

:) :) Cheers :) :)