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If you want to expand your business globally, you must need an e-commerce website where you can showcase your products. Today, Every brand is available online, so if you want that you get more and more customers, you must need an e-commerce website.

You don’t have to invest much for this as you just need to build a website with the help of some Web Design Agency like Crest techno soft so that they can guide you in the right direction.

Our company has a good team of Web Designers and Web Developers who can help you in building an excellent E-commerce website so that you can start selling your products online.

What are the important things that you need to keep in mind before you design an Ecommerce website:-

1) Easy to navigate Interface

We always make sure that we will create Modern and User-friendly Interface for website so that user can easily navigate through the website from one page to another page. User must have idea about the inner pages from the icons or buttons placed on the home page. Flat custom icons designed by our Graphic designers and they are capable of creating icons or buttons for any niche using Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud.

2) Responsive Website Design

As per the Google standards, every website must be compatible with all kind of devices like Mobiles, Desktops, Tablets and that is why we always make sure that we create a website that must be responsive and pixel perfect, so that our clients can reach the customers who always view websites on their iPhones or iPads. Cresttechnosoft always follow web-standards, usability and cross-browser compatibility guidelines.

3) Payment Gateways

For every E commerce website, payment gateway is very important as if you are selling products, you must need a way to get money from your clients. We have a team of expert Web Developers who can integrate different gateways for an E-commerce website whether it is stripe, PayPal, direct transfer or by credit card. We can also create payment gateways for you as our developers are capable of creating direct plugins for the personal payments gateways for CMS like Magento, WordPress, Open-cart etc.

4) Custom Fields to add Products

If you are delivering an E-commerce website to your client, he must need a simple way to add products and the product details, for this our developers create custom post types and custom field types. Client easily manage the content like product name, product images, price of products etc.

5) Beautiful and Appealing Stock images

Stock images enhance look of every website and when a user check home page of your website, there must be an attractive layout so that he can stay on your website for longtime which automatically increase the ranking of your website on the search engines. If there are beautiful images on the home page, then it create interest in the mind of user to go through other pages of website.

These are few points that can help you in designing an attractive website for your small or big company business. You must follow these points before designing an e-commerce website to get more traffic for your website and long chain of good customers for your website.

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CakePHP 2.5.0 has been announced by CakePHP core team recently. This new version contains a few changes since the RC2 release.

Some of the them are listed below:

  1. You get a merged fix of FormHelper::postLink() from previous version 2.4.9

For more information click: https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/commit/e1057e3

  1. Improved documentation for numerous API
  2. SQLServer::describe() will not fail when used with fixtures. For more information click: https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/commit/2dd3cec
  3. Authentication adapters can be aliased, which means the same adapter can be used multiple times with different password hashing strategies.
  4. The redis cache engine will now support unix_socket. For more information click: https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/commit/cd445f2
  5. Paginator component will no more find(‘count’) for the first page when there are fewer records than the current page limit. For more information click: https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/commit/a34d5f7


Now, we will start the new features offered by new CakePHP 2.5.0 version for web developers:

  1. Cache::remember()- The method will let you implement the read-through cache operations. This will be a good practice for working on code redundancy. For the passed cache key, it will first find for any cached data that is still valid. In case nothing is found, a callback method will be executed and the value returned by it will be stored under the cache key.
  2. Improved Memcached support- A new cache engine is added to the new version of CakePHP 2.5.0 which provided full support for utilizing the popular key value database. In order to introduce this new adapter, the makers have deprecated the old MemCache engine and plan for its removal in 3.0.
  3. CompletionShell- This is a great feature for shell environments that support command completion such as Bash and Zsh. It now has a cake shell that will help you get command and options completion for your cake shells just by hitting the tab key. For developers who always wonder over what shells are available, or what options they can take, this Completion shell is for them.
  4. Security::encrypt() and AES encrypted cookies- If you are looking for a way out of storing data in cookies that cannot be changed by the user then AEC encrypted cookies can be used. It has the encryption power offered by the new AES-256 encryption offered by the security class to prevent various attacks such as cookie tampering.
  5. Consistent priorities in global and local events- There was a limitation in previous CakePHP version. The limitation was that the listeners attached to the Global event manager would always be called before any other local listeners, despite the priorities. CakePHP 2.5 unifies the priority queue between all global and local event listeners. So, with a single unified set of priorities, you can implement more complex and complete aspect oriented programs.

Before migrating to the new version, it is always advisable to go through the migration guide.