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Even expert web designers would agree with my statement that making a design for an email is no way similar to making a design for a web browser. The ultimate goal is to ensure that email delivers consistently irrespective of the email client selected.

Following are some useful tips to adhere to highly clickable email web designs:

“Email must be quick to view”

  1. Write basic HTML and keep code optimized
  2. Avid using MS Word, Layers, CSS or Pagemaker to create the HTMl. Instead, use HTML editor with plain HTML. If you want to use Adobe Dreamweaver, go with inline styles and avoid CSS.
  3. Keep your agenda of the email at the top 250n pixels since it is a prime real estate for the 3-5 seconds.
  4. Keep minimal scrolling
  5. Be safe with your email newsletter design by making it not more than 550-600 pixels maximum.
  6. Undoubtedly, the images reflect message clearly. For effective email to be delivered do not rely on images.

Email Marketing still holds a very strong place when it comes to branding of the business. It is an easy way to reach potential customers personally and give them a personalized offer suiting their tastes. So, for good response you need a good email design. And for good email design your designer need to follow the above mentioned tips.